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Listen to Your Dreams

Close your eyes and go to sleep there is a vast amount of information that can be sifted out of your dreams. While in a dream state your subconscious takes over and often makes you look at things you will not while awake. I am famous in my family for having the most bizarre and vivid dreams, they are comical but when I really look at them they are like a free visit to a psychologist. They pick through and magnify every fear and insecurity and show me through symbolism how deep these feeling are embedded in me. Dream interpretation is very personal and can’t be done with a dream dictionary because everything is relative. Dreaming about teeth falling our for one person may mean they are afraid they might say something they shouldn’t, but for another it may mean that there is a fear that they might loose something physically maybe even a tooth.

I have always had precognitive dreams, if I wake from a dream with a feeling that the dream was very significant what I dreamed usually happens within a day or two. I once dreamed that my sister in law had cancer but would be “ok”, I struggled with how to approach her but finally called her and asked if she was due for her GYN annual…she said she was overdue. She made her appointment and sure enough she had cancer cells in her cervix. Thank God it was caught early and she will be fine.

Sometimes dreams can take you for a look at a past life or show you other worlds. I was take once by my Spirit Guide to a place that is midway between here and heaven, it was beautiful but I was told it was just a place some go before they move on to heaven. A dream journal is a very good way to pick through the mountain of information that you can be bombarded with each night. Pay close attention for symbolism…if I dream I am dizzy and can’t stand up without falling it is usually at a time when there is a lot of upheaval and stress around me… loss of balance in my life. Keep a pad and pen by your bed and write your dreams as soon as you wake because the memory fades fast. Look for patterns and reoccurring themes, talk with the people you are close to about your dreams.

My sister and I have often have almost identical dreams, one in particular is a reoccurring dream we both used to have that we are surrounded by frogs all over the ground and we can’t find a way out with out stepping on them. Needless to say the frog dream is not one of our favorites but it was very telling of personal issues we grew up with and makes perfect sense to us, as we worked through the issues that dream subsided. Listen to your dreams they can show you so much.

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