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God Is Your Biggest Cheerleader

Do you ever wonder where you’ll muster up enough strength to start another day, especially after a defeat?

As a young girl I had experienced a lack of faith in people and chose to follow what the rest of the world was doing. However, as the years went by I realized that we are not on our own when we need to muster up strength.

The demoiselle crane knows something about strength. Once a year these birds make one of the toughest migrations in the world. In late August through September, they gather in flocks by the thousands and prepare for their flight to their winter range in India. The Nepalese people say that no bird can fly above the heights of the Himalayas. However, the demoiselle crane does.

I had the pure joy of watching a fascinating DVD about these cranes. They began to ascend towards the peaks of the Himalayas, but then they hit a ferocious storm. The turbulence was more than they could handle, and they were forced to turn back.

The next day they were weak and hungry but proceeded to ascend once again. They used thermals–rising columns of warm air–to gain height. Their ascent was effortless as they simply let the thermals lift them higher and higher. As they arrived at the peak, however, they once again had to put some effort into their journey, and every wing beat became an exhausting struggle until finally they were over the top. I was so moved by their success I simply wanted to jump up and cheer.

The storms of life can be quite turbulent as well. We lose someone we love deeply, bills are piling up, health has taken a turn, and relationships seem to wane. Where do we gain the strength?

Physically, we can only do so much. Mentally we can only, at times, think of the worst scenario. But spiritually we can be strengthened. It’s called our inner man. God wants to touch the deep part of you with His love and His grace and to fill you with a confidence that comes from only Him.

Although the cranes turned back, God’s plan is to take you through no matter how rough it is. He knows your weaknesses and your fears and wants to replace them with trust and faith in Him At times when you think you’re just not going to make it, pick up the Word of God and draw from His precious promises.

When people around you are discouraging rather than encouraging, don’t quit and give up. Keep going, for the living Words of God are food for the strength you’ll need for the journey.

Did you know you have a crowd cheering you on in heaven? Hebrews 12:1 says there is a great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us cheering, clapping, and yellowing, “You can do it!”

So strengthen your inner man. Don’t be lazy, don’t give up and go back. It does take effort to overcome the turbulence, but you’ll be stronger and ready the next time the winds of life become strong. You might have to flap a little harder and little longer but eventually you will ride on the warm thermal columns of God’s love. You’ll be in a place of confidence rather than a place of fear.

Remember this: God is your biggest cheerleader!

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